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A hansom cab pulled up beside us. Tack ye summers, gemmun? the driver said in a completely unintelligible accent.
Terence shook his head. By the time we got all our luggage in, its faster to walk. And were nearly there.
We were. There was Folly Bridge, and a tavern, and the river, with a ragtag of boats tied up to its edge.
Fate, show thy force. What is decreed must be, and be this so, Terence said, crossing the bridge. We go to meet our destiny. He started down the steps toward the dock. Jabez, he called out to the man standing on the riverbank. You havent rented our boat, have you?
Jabez looked like something out of Oliver Twist. He had a scruffy beard and a decidedly unfriendly manner. He was standing with his thumbs in a pair of impossibly dirty braces, and his hands were, if possible, even dirtier.
At his feet lay an enormous brown-and-white bulldog, its ugly flattened snout resting on its paws. Even at this distance, I could see its powerful shoulders and belligerent underslung jaw. Bill Sikes in Oliver Twist had had a bulldog, hadnt he?
I didnt see any sign Hermes Ostrich Stripe of anyone who might be Terences friend Cyril, and I wondered if Jabez and his dog had murdered him and thrown him in the river.
Terence, obliviously chattering, hurried Discount Designer down the bank toward the boat. And the monster. I followed cautiously, keeping well to the rear and hoping it might ignore us like the hound at the station, but as soon as it saw us, Hermes Ostrich Stripe it sat up alertly.

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